Maker of the Month: Queen City Alchemy

Our May Maker is here at Handzy and making our shop smell so fresh and so clean!


Queen City Alchemy, run by Emily Little of Cincinnati, makes herbal remedies, cold-processed soaps and handcrafted cosmetics. QCA is committed to providing the highest quality bath and body products using only safe, non-toxic, and cruelty-free ingredients! With this, they are constantly striving to produce only the best products with a purpose for their customers, and we think that really fits with our shop vibes!


Emily is always studying plant medicine, on a mission to heal herself and the rest of the world through the tradition and magic of botanicals. She makes some these goods by hand, creating variety and a natural, holistic feel every time you pick a product up. We met Emily because she started carrying Handzy cards at her new brick and mortar shop—Vitae Viride! Vitae Viride is an enticing shop nestled in the heart of Fort Thomas, KY featuring a carefully curated array of nature inspired goods and handcrafted gifts to feather your nest and delight your loved ones. Like Handzy Shop + Studio, Vitae Viride also hosts creative workshops


We have soaps, serums and sugar scrubs in the shop. Come pick some up and find out for yourself! Be sure to follow both Queen City Alchemy and Vitae Viride on Instagram!!