Finding Midweek Motivation

Sometimes the fact that you've made it halfway through the week isn't enough motivation to get you all the way through the rest of it. 

If you're anything like us, you're likely just trying to make it to lunch. But here at Handzy, when we need a little boost, we find inspiration through adventure and spontaneity! This week, we took a creative field trip to the CAC!


Pro tip: Admission is free on Mondays! We had the opportunity to see 'Passage', a truly awe-inspiring exhibit by Do Ho Suh. We experienced what it could be like to live in an apartment made up entirely of translucent fabric outfitted with translucent appliances, stairs, toilets ... you name it. These life-size works of art are totally unique and the amount of detail in each piece was incredible. You have until September 11th to check out this exhibit and it could just be the outing you need to spark some creativity during a drab week! So go ahead, take it upon yourself to find what inspires you and motivation will follow. Also, always remember you're doing great!