Magazines we're reading right now!

and also some magazines we've never read but REALLY want to ...


Popshot Magazine
I fell in love with Popshot Magazine on a semester-long wilderness, NOLS backpacking (canoeing + rock climbing also) trip in the American Southwest! My instructor chose Issue 10: The Wild Issue as one of her backpacking essentials and she carried it around for 5 weeks. After paging through it in the best possible place + moment in my life to absorb that specific content, I was hooked. Popshot is an illustrated literary magazine that publishes short stories, flash fiction, and poetry from the literary new blood. Each issue is centered around a theme (the most recent theme is Hope) and both writers and illustrators submit their work relating to that theme. Once each literary piece is selected, it is sent off to an illustrator for them to interpret and illustrate. When Brittney and I decided we wanted to experiment with selling magazines in our shop, this was the first one on my list to stock. We're currently all sold out of Popshot so let us know if you're interested in seeing it back at Handzy and we will try to stock it again in the future!

Driftless Magazine
My boyfriend, an Indiana boy who co-owns a small local business called Tom Will Make and has a big fat crush on the Midwest, received an issue of this magazine subtitled "Midwest Adventuring" as a gift in the mail. It wasn't a gift for me but after reading that issue cover to cover and becoming completely intrigued with the idea of Great Lakes surfing, this magazine entered into my personal print publication circle of stars. With each issue, Driftless proves that the Midwest "is more than merely flyover territory" by featuring inspiring Midwesterners and their stories, food, art, and more. We've got issues 4 + 5 stocked in the shop currently. If you're a local Ohioan/Kentuckian this one will definitely appeal to you! This magazine also takes submissions so if you're local and you have a story to share, click through to read more about the type of content they accept. Also, important to note that 3 awesome ladies are the masterminds behind Driftless Magazine and I was lucky to meet a few of them at the Renegade Craft Fair in Chicago this past summer! They are super nice and Driftless Magazine deserves your support.  

Got A Girl Crush  
As we test out different magazines in our tiny shop we have to be pretty selective. I stumbled across this publication on Instagram and instantly felt/knew that THIS was the exact type of content Handzy Shop + Studio fans would be into. If you couldn't guess, this magazine (and amazing blog) is by women and all about women! We've got a few more copies of the most recent issue, Issue 5, in the shop so if reading interviews with amazing women from all walks of life interests you then come grab a copy! Or, if you're not local, snag one from their online shop!

Darling Magazine
We've yet to get our hands on a physical copy of Darling (we're trying to wait patiently but secretly hope for it in the mail pretty much every day), a magazine and website all about the art of being a woman. But after it was recommended to us by a Handzy customer, we've subscribed to their email list and already placed a pre-order for the newest issue! They post a wide range of seriously great content for all different types of women (achiever, intellectual, beautician, explorer, stylist, confidant, dreamer, + hostess) and even if you don't feel like you fit into one of those categories there will definitely be something that speaks to you. We definitely should have read this article about mastering small talk before the DAAP ladies networking event that we hosted in our shop last week... oops. Stay tuned and we will let you know when you can get your hands on a printed issue of Darling at Handzy!

Boat Magazine
When I was in design school I day-dreamed about working for a magazine—this magazine to be exact. There is something about formatting type and arranging things on a page (seems I pursued the correct degree) that speaks to me! Boat is a travel and culture magazine that focuses on a differing and inspiring city for each issue. Their entire team physically moves to the focus city (seriously, how cool is that!?) for a few weeks to set up their studio, work with locals to create the content and to discover stories that don't usually get told in other top 10 feature type travel magazines. 

Lucky Peach
The covers of Lucky Peach are so attention-grabbing that I seriously pick up a copy everywhere I see it! This is a design centric magazine that tells stories about food and the people who make it. Their Instagram feed will have you drooling and their online recipes will help you solve that photo-induced hunger. They published a book (All About Eggs) and their latest winter issue all about food in LA has us lusting for summer and sunshine here in Kentucky even though we know it's not quite the same as California... This magazine is everywhere (think bookstores and newsstands) so next time it catches your eye, just trust us—it's more than worth $12!

Ok, so I just realized after a few hours of writing that I could gush on and on ... and on ... about all of my favorite magazines but there just isn't enough time in the day. Maybe I'll do a magazine part two blog post some other time. For now I'm just going to list a bunch of other magazines that I highly support and suggest you check out.

Gratuitous Type *we've got a few copies of this in the shop!
Weapons of Reason
Anorak Magazine
Another Escape
Kinfolk *we don't stock this but our friends at Fern do!

So what did I miss? What are some magazines that you love? Let me know in the comments. I'd love to hear your thoughts!