Featured July artist, Ellebrux, Explores the Facets of Art

This month we're celebrating Northside artist, Ellebrux.

We are so proud to carry her work in our shop! Her paintings harness an earthy vibe but the color palette is out of this world! She uses an eclectic mix of materials to bring an otherwise blank canvas to life through these stand out pieces. Her work is unique not only in style and color, but is also one of a kind. You will like the "Mountain Brothers" canvas collection so much that you'll feel the need to bring these paintings everywhere you go, but we wouldn't recommend it. Luckily, Ellebrux makes handmade + hand-painted jewelry that you will love and can wear and actually take with you everyday! So hurry and stop by the shop before the end of July to check out the maker of the month!


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Make sure to follow Ellebrux on Instagram! Her feed is dreamy and you can get a peek into her process.