Handzy Hashtags!

We want to share your photos!

We love sharing on Instagram, each post we craft is carefully styled + curated + each hashtag hand selected to make sure we're delivering the best content for YOU! While we love creating content in house we realized we're missing that extra piece to really make our feed special —your photos! So we're giving you the low down on the Handzy hashtags—some new, some we've used before—so you can share pics with a chance to be featured on our super cute feed!


We love a good OOTD (outfit of the day, if you didn't know!) so use this hashtag when you have a very cute 'Handzy' outfit or are rocking jewelry, apparel or flair you got in the shop!

Um. Have you heard that yellow is our absolute favorite color ever? I joke. Of course you have, we scream it from the rooftops! If you see a cute door, or building, or shoes, or flowers or ANYTHING YELLOW show us with the hashtag.

We love making things and we love when you make things with us. Use this hashtag when you make anything at our workshops or create your own handmade card. Stay crafty!

It's pretty much the cutest club around! If you by a card from us, show us with our adorable hashtag. 

We are proud to call Covington, KY home! Show us your favorite (+ cute obviously) spots in the 'hood!


See you on the 'Gram!