Halloween Tea Leaf Reading with Shaheen Miro

We got mystical on Halloween with our friend Shaheen!

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On Halloween we hosted a Tea Leaf Reading with our very good friend and mystical magic man, Shaheen Miro. It was truly the perfect way to spend Halloween night, it was dark and cold and just spooky enough to set the mood for our gypsy tea party—but not too spooky, we swear! We've had Shaheen do a workshop before but it never stops being fascinating and very enlightening. He walked us through some of the history and the process of tasseography (reading of tea leaves). 

We also had the best snacks (by that we mean, so much candy!) + the most awesome, delicious + mystical-themed cookies from Donna's Gourmet Cookies!!

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"There is a synergy that happens when you combine divination with intuition. Intuition fills the gaps between patterns, helping to organize and clarify. This combination of intuition and symbolic language creates the narrative, or the storytelling, of a reading."

A big part of Shaheen's teaching is to focus on the intuition. He says that imagination is the pathway to intuition so having an open mind helps you form a pattern in the otherwise abstract symbols. 

Whether or not you think tea leaf reading is for you it was an incredibly fascinating + fun workshop! It gave us a chance to ask questions to ourselves, maybe some answers and gain some insight—but ultimately, it was a great way to spend Halloween! We're looking to host similar workshops by him in the future so be sure to stay tuned for future dates!

We also have to do a casual plug because we are just so proud, but Shaheen is coming out with this own book and deck of cards, the Lunar Nomad Oracle! Based on the traditional Lenormand deck and familiar to the process of Tarot, but without the suits or linear structure, this oracle gives you the freedom and fluidity to add your own insights and interpretations. Be sure to check out his website (+ sign up for his newsletter!) and Instagram for the latest updates on its release!