Paper Cut Card Workshop Follow-up!

We loved being a part of Cincinnati Design Week!

Community is a big part of our values at Handzy, so we were so excited to host a Cut Paper Card Workshop as a part of Cincinnati Design Week. We hosted our workshop at The Frock, a darling event space just right down the street from us in Covington, KY. So many people came out + we loved having the chance to talk about something we love so much—handmade cards!

As designers we so often get stuck behind a computer screen all day so it was nice to take a break and work with our hands for a bit. In the age of texts, emails + other electronic ways of messaging we feel you just can't beat the sentimental value of a handmade card—especially if they have hand cut shapes! It was such a hit and everyone knocked it out of the park with their super cute cards!

Workshop Overall.jpg
Workshop Table
Workshop 8.jpg
Workshop Table
Killin It Card

Couldn't make it to the CDW Workshop?

Well, don't worry! We strongly feel that our love of card making needs to be shared with everyone so we're going to show you how you can make your very own cut paper cards using supplies you probably already own! Just follow our three easy steps:

1. Pick a color scheme. For our workshop we were inspired by a card from Wrap Magazine, a brand we just started carrying in our shop!

Fun Shapes.jpg

2. Find some inspiration for your cut shapes. Matisse-inspired geometries feel timeless so we cut out some fun botanicals + softer, abstract shapes.

Cut Paper Fun Phrases

3. Print out some fun phrases! At Handzy we are all about encouragement + spreading positive vibes, so pick phrases that mean something to you!

Workshop 12.jpg

Now get messy! The best thing about cut paper art is that everything looks good! You really can't go wrong. Have some fun, play with colors + shapes and send them to favorite person (or keep them for yourself—we won't tell!!)

Download our fun phrases and a PDF of the instructions here!