5 Goal Setting Tips + Tricks!

Do you think setting goals for the upcoming year is cliché? Think again!


Taking time to set positive intention for your future is super important. Why? Because setting goals gives you both focus and accountability! 

As December draws to a close we have been reflecting on the goals we made in the beginning of 2016, both personally and for our business. Looking back on the year there are some aspirations we can totally mark off of our list! Open a brick + mortar shop?? Check! To be real, there are others we didn't quite 100% follow through with. The point is that we are utilizing this quiet time between the holidays and the new year to reset and plan our goals for the upcoming year!

If you feel like you always forget about your "new year's resolutions" before January 15th (we've all been guilty of this) here are a few goal setting tips + tricks to help you follow through this year:

1. Set SMART goals!
SMART is an acronym that you can use to help you form your goals into more actionable plans.
S: Specific
M: Measurable
A: Attainable
R: Relevant
T: Time Based
Start with getting super extra specific about your goal. What do you want to accomplish? Why? Next, figure out how you will know when you've completed your goal. Now ask yourself, is achieving this goal is attainable if I put in the effort and really make a commitment to it? Is there anything standing in my way? Finally, set a date for when you will check in about your goal and when you will accomplish it. Here's a link to a worksheet to help you with setting SMART goals. 

2. Go deep into goalception.
Dream big! There is no goal that you cannot reach if you take the time to chart out your path to success. Make big goals—seriously huge and crazy wild goals, and then make smaller goals within those goals and so on and so forth. Each action step you take along the way is a step in the right direction toward achieving what might have previously seemed like an unattainable goal.


3. Write your goals down.
This tip is pretty self explanatory but often overlooked. Get a journal and use it as a place to both write your goals down and check in with them often! We've all got a lot going on and it's easy to be super motivated to achieve a goal one day and then totally forget what it even was the next day. Keep yourself accountable by reading your goals and re-adjusting them often. Set a reminders in your phone if you have to!

4. Then, share them with someone who will hold you accountable! 
Speaking of accountability, you don't have to do it all on your own. It will be easier actually to achieve big things if you enroll the help of others! Tell a family member or a friend about your goals as well as your plan to achieve them. Check in with them about your progress. This works better if the sharing goes both ways.

5. Turn your goals into affirmations and read them aloud daily.
In order to turn our thoughts into our actions we must first translate our thoughts into words. For example, one of my goals is to exercise at least 30 minutes a day for 5 days a week. Each morning I affirm aloud: "I am fit, strong, trim and confident. It is imperative to commit to my health so that I can live an adventurous life. I feed my body nutritional meals and engage in at least 30 minutes of physical activity a day." Here is a link to an article with more information about how to write powerful affirmations. 

There you have it! We hope this helps you out as you plan to totally rock 2017!