Weekend trip to Louisville!

Quick weekend trip from Covington to Louisville!

This past weekend, my husband and I took a quickie trip to Louisville (only 1.5 hours away) to celebrate 6 months of marriage! It was a quick and easy drive and we had a blast so I wanted to share some of the places we ate, drank, and shopped!

Please & Thank You
So P&TY is first on the list because we went there first, and also because it was my favorite! We went both days... Please & Thank You is a coffee shop/southern bakery and let me tell you right now—GET A CHOCOLATE CHIP COOKIE! This is no joke. They even have a sign out front claiming that they have the best chocolate chip cookies in Louisville. I mean, I didn't eat any other cookies while I was there, but I promise these are GOOD. They also had the cutest hearts painted on their windows (by Matthew McDole), which inspired me to do our v-day windows at Handzy when I got back in the studio on Monday! Lastly, I wanted to note what P&TY is more than just coffee + food—they also have a backroom record shop! Good coffee, biscuits, records....COOL.

I found this place on instagram and immediately put it on the list of places to visit while we were in town. It is a green paradise! I'm obsessed with plants (even though I kill most of them) but luckily, my husband can keep them alive. We spent a lot of time just admiring the thoughtful arrangements and beautiful displays. One thing I really appreciated was the owner's obvious knowledge + passion for plants (I think she was the owner? Maybe not but she seemed on top of things!). In the end, we opted for an air plant and a cutie little succulent (because hello, low maintenance) but I pretty much wanted one of everything. Worth a visit even if you only leave with a pretty photo to instagram. 

Dot Fox
Being the owner of a cutie little retail shop, I always want to check out other cutie shops when I'm traveling! Dot Fox did not disappoint. I wasn't planning on buying anything but I got sucked in! I found the perfect denim jumper, some super cute earrings, and 2 matching smiley face buttons (I had to bring one back for Suzy, duh). The woman working greeted us right away and was super sweet and helpful without being pushy or salesy. Score! I also saw some of the same brands that we carry at Handzy in this shop! Would recommend if you're looking for a unique little somethin' for a friend—or yourself!

Hey Tiger
This is another cutie little shop on the same street as Dot Fox! Lots of vintage goodies and some handmade stuff, too! I walked away with the cutest pair of handmade clay earrings for $10! If I hadn't spent so much at the last shop, I definitely would have dropped some cash. They had super cute fanny packs in all different patterns that I really wanted to buy for me + Suzy to use at our craft fairs! Sorry Suz, maybe next time! If you can't shop Hey Tiger in person, check our their Etsy shop!

Without going into much detail, here are a few other places we went and liked!

Hammerheads for dinner. Yum! 
Harvest for breakfast/brunch. Also very yum.
Gifthorse for gifty things (mostly jewelry + Kentucky themed things)

One last thing:
This is where we stayed! It was so beautiful and comfy and close enough to walk to all sorts of things! We drank tea in bed and laughed and talked and slept in late and felt like we were staying in a tiny cozy clubhouse. Would 100% recommend! 

What are some places that you'd recommend for our next weekend trip to Louisville? Let us know!