2017 Holiday Gift Guides!!


'Tis the season! Our holiday gift guides are here so stop by and pick up the perfect gift for everyone on your list!

We've got the perfect gift for girl bosses! Great for gal pals, moms, sisters, best friends, teachers, your awesome co-worker—basically any of the strong women in your life!


We're proud of Cincinnati/Northern Kentucky roots! If you're a native like us then you'll have a real appreciation for our hand picked gifts for locals. And yes, of course some of them are chili themed!


Bookworm unite! If you have a friend....or family member....or even yourself that enjoys nights curling up with a good book we got great gifts that add a little extra cute to your cozy nights!


Cheers to spirited holiday! You bring the booze, we'll supply the very cute accessories!! (And even a mug for the morning after!)


We understand that our pets are our very best friends! While we may not have gifts for your pets we have so many cute things for all the animal lovers out there. 


We value the time and love and dedication it takes to raise a healthy and strong plant baby! We have some very thoughtful gifts for the plant parents in your life!


Remember to stop by on Small Business Saturday—November 25—for fun deals on all of these hand picked products! And there are many more in the shop!!


Gift Wrap Workshop with Yelp Cincy Recap!

We got crafty with Yelp Cincy to help kick off the holidays!



On November 14th, we teamed up with Yelp Cincy to host a gift wrap workshop at our shop in Covington, KY as a part of their Yelp's Cincy Made event series. To say we had a blast would be an understatement! It's such a great feeling to show everyone what we do best—make cute stuff! We were blown away by how creative everyone was.

We wanted to bring everyone a way to add something a little personal and handmade to their holiday gift wrapping. We picked out a color scheme and everyone got to make a hand-stamped gift box with fun shapes + three coordinating gift tags, which were decked out in colorful handmade tassels and pom poms. Every single gift box looked different, everyone had a really neat + creative take on it! 


For more Yelp events, click here.

All photos are courtesy of Evoking Light Photography

Stocked Spotlight: Cactus Club

Handzy Shop + Studio is bursting at the seams with the work of so many independent artists, makers and designers!

THIS ADORABLE PRINT is perfect for plant ladies (and aspiring plant ladies)!! 

THIS ADORABLE PRINT is perfect for plant ladies (and aspiring plant ladies)!! 

MY (CATHERINE) FAVOrite kind of party is a pug party so you can count me in with this adorable print!

MY (CATHERINE) FAVOrite kind of party is a pug party so you can count me in with this adorable print!

Being a platform for other creatives is a huge part of what keeps us coming to work day after day. We love our local community but we also stock products from independent makers across the globe! The products in our shop are carefully selected and everything we carry inspires and motivates us. The "Stocked Spotlight" gives us a chance to highlight all of those people that are a bit too far from Covington to be a 'Maker of the Month' but that we are incredibly proud to stock in our shop!

We're excited to share a brand that we love. Cactus Club is a Los Angeles-based art prints and paper goods company based on the paintings based on the paintings of Melinda Tracy Boyce. Her colorful creations are inspired by nature and created with gouache and ink. All of the paintings are printed professionally on sturdy watercolor paper here in the U.S.

Being a big supporter of local artists and designers ourselves, we at Handzy just love them! They only use the highest quality materials and processes so each piece feels like a work of art.

cactus club prints.jpg
THE CUTEST STICKERS EVER! which one is your fave?

THE CUTEST STICKERS EVER! which one is your fave?



Maker of the Month: Wixology

Our Holiday Maker is here at Handzy and serving up some tasty cocktails....flavored candles that is!!

Wixology Samples.jpg

At Handzy we love candles + we also love cocktails! So, we're extra excited to introduce our Maker of the Month (which we're extending for the holidays), Wixology! Wixology Candle Company, a Lexington, KY based company, was started by a group of friends as a way to celebrate the spirit of Kentucky bourbon-based cocktails. All of the candles are made from 100% soy wax + are hand poured in Kentucky. The coolest part about their products is that, as way to encourage customers to recycle, all of the glasses can be reused as cocktail glasses—they even have a recipe on the label! WHAT?! If you need tips on how to get wax out of jars, this is my go-to way. I'm torn between the Whiskey Sour and the Barrel Aged Cider as my favorites, they're both fresh and seasonal scents. But let's be real, they're all good!

Wixology Samples 3.jpg
Wixology Candles On Shelf.jpg

Wixology also has a strong desire to support charitable organizations in their community that share their enthusiasm for sustainability and education. A portion of their profits are donated to FoodChain—an organization that helps bring fresh, healthy food to residents with limited options. I mean does it get any better—candles, booze and doing good?! We didn't think so. 

We have so many candles in the shop. Come pick out your favorite flavor! They make especially great gifts for the cocktail lovers out there! Be sure to follow both Wixology on Instagram!!


We've got a new series all about podcasts—what we're listening to, what we're learning + what we want to share with YOU!

We're very into podcasts over here, they can be a great way to destress on your commute, or while you're making dinner or even just to sit and listen to. There are so many great ones out there and as a female run business we're always looking for tips and tricks to not just become better biz ladies but just learn something new! Each month we're going to be sharing some of favorite podcasts/episodes for the month. 

Here's what we're listening to:

Creative Pep Talk, Ep. 152: The most powerful marketing technique that's massively underused (Marketing Series Pt 3)—listen here

  • About: "Marketing can be so discouraging when you’re not focusing your efforts on what really works. In my experience there are only a few styles of marketing that really work today and one of them is ‘influencer marketing’. Influencer marketing is like ‘word of mouth’ on steroids. Now, if you can resist puking in your mouth at the sound of the word ‘influencer’, I think we can learn some things from this marketing style that will not only help us grow our creative careers but also do so in a way that is more positively human!"

Being Boss, Ep. 132: Maker Boss with Nicole Bisby—listen here

  • About: "Candlemaker, Nicole Bisby, shares the importance of starting small and growing slowly as a maker business to stay profitable, out of debt, and be true to your ideals. We’re talking about getting wholesale clients, white labeling your product, and hiring employees + setting up your business to be a successful business owner while being a mother."

NPR, How I Built This with Guy Raz—listen here.

  • About: "How I Built This is a podcast about innovators, entrepreneurs, and idealists, and the stories behind the movements they built. Each episode is a narrative journey marked by triumphs, failures, serendipity and insight — told by the founders of some of the world's best known companies and brands. [A great listen] if you've ever built something from nothing, something you really care about — or even just dreamt about it."

Unconventional Life with Jules Schroeder, Ep. 107: Why Best Friends Make The Best Co-Founders: 3 Childhood Friends' Success Story—listen here

(Fun Fact! Jules Schroeder is Suzy's cousin!!)

  • About: "Unconventional Life, is ranked by CIO as the #1 podcast for entrepreneurs in 2017. It airs on the Forbes Under30 Channel, profiling successful millennial entrepreneurs, artists, creatives, and thought leaders who are defining success on their own terms. These individuals embody what it means to pioneer a new path in a new economy, using a new model to prosper and profit from doing what they are most passionate about"

Millionaire Mindcast, Ep. 121: Become a Millionaire in Your Mind First—listen here.

  • About: "In this episode [the hosts] talk about: The "Curse of the White Rabbit," left brain vs. right brain, cracking the entrepreneur code, strengthening the muscle of contribution, how your emotional bank account is the leading indicator and how it ties into your financial bank account, what is poverty and what is wealth? The gravity well, Why you shouldn't "fake it till' ya make it," Peter's advice to his 20 y/o self If given a million dollars, where would he invest it ...and much more!"

Check back next month to see what we're listening to! Have a favorite podcast or episode that you think we'd love? Let us know in the comments!