1/19 Friday Wrap-up!

Another great week at Handzy!

Hey y'all, it has been a fun week here at Handzy! We had a girls night on Wednesday complete with Toppers Stix, card games and laughter! Plus, it was fun to see Brittney's new house coming together—don't worry she's going to start posting about it soon!! We re-arranged a little in the shop too, it was starting to feel a little static and nothing helps get the brain going like moving your desks around.

New cards! Fun!

card paintings.jpg

We've added SIX new cards to our list which is so exciting. And we have to say, they are SO. CUTE. Our process often starts with painting! Watercolor is our go-to medium and we'll first start by brainstorming ideas for what we want our cards to say. Suzy paints up some really cute shapes and Brittney does the lettering and composition! I provide the affirmations and thumbs up! It's great teamwork! While not all ideas or paintings will make the final cut, sometimes the unexpected last minute changes become our most favorite cards! It's just how it goes sometimes, ya know?! The new cards are available now online as well as in the shop. Make sure you pick one up for every sweety pie, BFF, mama, fur baby and secret crush on your list!

Brittney + Suzy take NYC!

This has only been finalized, like, today, but Brittney + Suzy will be traveling to New York City (woohoo!!) February 3–7 to attend NY NOW, a Wholesale Products and Innovative Designs Tradeshow. We're already crossing off "take a work-related trip" from our goals list—exciting! This is going to be a great opportunity for us to connect with some really great designers, some of which we already carry in our shop! Not to mention the inspiration that comes from being in the big city. They're going to be sharing photos and videos on Instagram (because you already know they're going to be hitting all the cute spots!)

Well that's all for now! But tune in next week for more updates on Handzy life!

1/12 Friday Wrap-up!

Whew we're finally getting back into the swing of things!

I don't know about you guys but the adjustment back into work has been a little...rough...to say the least. Adjusting to regular work schedules after a holiday break of sweatpants and no routine made for a rough first 2 weeks back. But we're powering through because there is just so much awesome stuff we're prepping for 2018! We took a hard look at our brand and how we were blogging last year. Blogging is still a new thing for us and it took a little trial and error to find out what truly felt 'Handzy.'

So with that said here's what you can expect from us.

1. Less DIYs. We're not a DIY blog and that is OKAY. We get super inspired by the big DIY Queens but just will never BE them. We were putting in a lot time, money and effort but not seeing a lot of return on investment. That's okay, you live and learn! Now that's not to say we won't share one every now and then, but it's going to be thoughtful, considerate to our brand and only as a collaboration with another blogger or brand. Which brings me to my next point... 

2. MORE collabs. We're still figuring out what these might look like but since friendship is a core value to our brand, we definitely want to work with more artists and designers to help create some great content that you—our ever-so-loving fans and supporters—will love. Each person we partner with will bring something new to the table but will ultimately fit within our mission of upbeat products and experiences that foster friendships and make people happy. Pretty good, right?

3. MORE behind-the-scenes. We know you guys love it, because you tell us! If you're a fan of our Insta stories, make sure you check out the blog because we are going to be getting personal! Not like too personal but a little more in depth on what goes on behind our bright Instagram and some of our individual stories/projects. Things like what we're wearing, our fitness goals, house makeovers (both Brittney and Suzy have bought/are buying and renovating houses!) as well as shop updates! Think of it as a sort of Handzy journal—fun! 

So LOTS of changes, but they're all good ones and we think our THIRD year of business is going to be our best one yet!

So here's what happened this week!

bando cuties.jpg

We got a lot of new products. You asked and we delivered. We now stock ban.do! We have always LOVED ban.do (I mean have ya seen Jen Gotch's Instagram stories?! She's a genius) and now we're happy to stock their bright + fun + totally cute products! Think tumblers, stationery sets + everything you could ever need for a perfect sunny day at the pool (it's NEVER too early to start thinking about summer)!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

new delf supplies.jpg

We also restocked our shop because ya'll wiped it out during the holidays! We can't thank you all enough for your support throughout the holiday season. We hope that Handzy helped you give the best + cutest gift ever to your friends and loved ones. So this week, we've been getting daily deliveries of new products from brands like ban.do, Delfonics, and Lucky Horse Press! We know that the beginning of the year is like THE time for setting goals (which is like a sport to us) so we're fully stocked with notebooks, notepads, pencils, planners and everything you need to be your most productive and organized self.

We also have been working on some top secret NEW projects for 2018. We'll give you a little teaser just because we love you so much but think new products, consulting, collabs, and also maybe a new space.....!?!?!?!.......and so much more that'll pop up as the year goes on! We truly think you're going to love it!

You may have heard rumblings but we're also launching our online store! Yay! If you're not local or passing through any time soon, don't worry! You'll now be able to join in on the fun and help support local and independent brands that we really love. We're working hard to bring you a launch very, very soon so make sure you keep those eyes peeled! 

2017 Review

Happy New Year from Handzy!

2017 has been a whirlwind of year—and while we won't get political—it was otherwise a really super fun + exciting one for us! We made a lot of new friends, through Instagram and craft fairs and community events. We got to be a part of some lovely couples' special days through our custom wedding invitations. Our shop nearly burst at the seams with products we hand selected! We'll be real, not every project was a winner—R.I.P. our first and last zine—but hey, you never know until you try! We had fun strolling down memory lane so join us to see some highlights from this year!

We hosted A LOT of great workshops...

at the beginning of the year We created vision boards.

at the beginning of the year We created vision boards.



We had meditation workshops with our friend, Mija!

We had meditation workshops with our friend, Mija!

We got some calligraphy skills from Erin Barker.

We got some calligraphy skills from Erin Barker.

We learned how to weave with Sarah Harste.

We learned how to weave with Sarah Harste.

from our gift wrap workshop with yelp cincy!

from our gift wrap workshop with yelp cincy!

And there were even more! Thanks to all of you who came and learned some new skills with us! We have some more fun workshops lined up in 2018 so stay tuned!!

...showcased some great local artists...

matt mcdole was our maker of the month and made this sweet mural for our space.

matt mcdole was our maker of the month and made this sweet mural for our space.

leigh ellexson

leigh ellexson

Our Maker of the Month series has been one of our favorite parts of the new year! We met some really great friends and got to show off some awesome products from Matt McDole, A.P. Loves Design, Queen City Alchemy, Leigh Ellexson, Joe Walsh, Chloe Watkins and Wixology Candle Co

...and got to be a part of lot of craft fairs, like Crafty Super Market and City Flea!

We also celebrated 1 YEAR of being in the Cov!!

birthday cake.jpg

And so many people got to be a part of the celebration! We love Covington + our neighbors + are so excited to be a part of the creative community that make Covington so quirky, colorful + great!

We added some great members to our team!

cutie catherine.jpg

Shoutout to Leah who spent 6 months with us in the beginning of the year! She is really hilarious and she ran our Twitter so now we don't use our Twitter anymore... We also added a Creative Content Director (hey, that's me!) and I am thrilled to have joined the Handzy team this year! My role has been ever evolving but ultimately, I'm here to help give the people what they want!

We competed in the Big Pitch!

big pitch brittney.jpg

This is a big one. While we didn't win (sad) we were incredibly proud of the work + effort we put into, not just the presentation, but into a clear + concise business plan. Also, can we talk about the overwhelming amount of love + support we got from our friends, family + surrounding community. So we're gonna say 'thank you' for the billionth time.

Shoutout to the winners, Ohio Valley Beard Supply and Brookes & Hyde, and the other amazing finalists, CG Ceramics, Waterfields, Untold Content + Circus Mojo!

We launched a lot of new products!

happy to be here tee.jpg
handzy earrings front.jpg

Have you checked out our adorable gumball necklaces + our positivi-tees + our statement earrings?!?! They're all pretty cute and think they make a great addition to your wardrobe. (They are all in the shop now!) Additionally, we also outsourced production for our greeting cards. We just wanted to make sure we are delivering the best possible quality products to you. We've got big plans in 2018 in terms of new products so keep your eyes peeled!

We collaborated with new friends to bring you great content!

Tinsel Cocktail Stirrer-5.jpg
card wreath 3.jpg

Making friendships and collaboration is a big part of Handzy, we connected with some local Cincinnati and Northern Kentucky bloggers to bring you some really fun and really cute DIY's. Have you checked out our Sparkler Cocktail Stirrer with Alexa Bishop of Queen's Vein? Or our Holiday Card Wreath with Emily May of GoHausGo? We had so much fun that we are definitely going to be wanting to collaborate more. If you're an artist, blogger or just all around creative person that wants to work with us in the future, hit us up!

Whew! That's a lot! 2017 was great but we're looking forward to 2018!

We've spent sometime before the holidays and all of this week setting goals for this coming year and there are going to be big things happening (think new products, space updates and more great content!) As far as the blog goes, we're going to be limiting the amount of smaller 'fluff' posts and DIY's we do—they're time consuming and we just haven't seen the payoff. This will leave the field open to bigger projects and even more collaborations, which is something we're very passionate about! We're going to focus on sharing more of your images on Instagram. We'll also be giving you some more behind-the-scenes at Handzy, what we're doing, buying, getting inspired by + more! 

New Year, New Book List

Last year, Brittney had the goal to read more books in 2017 and she DID. I found it so inspiring that I'm going to make it a goal for myself in 2018. Maybe start a #handzybookclub ?? Lately, I find myself so attached to my phone and the only thing I've been reading is Instagram captions and the latest details on Prince Harry's and Meghan Markle's engagement which, let's not deny that it's a fun read, but I want to get back to the 'ol black and white print. If you find yourself in a similar situation, you're in luck! Brittney pulled together her favorite leisure reads in 2017 and Suzy pulled together her list of favorite business-related reads. All are on my list for next year!

book cuties.jpg

company of women.jpg

Do you have any favorite books to add to our list?

DIY Sparkler Cocktail Stirrer with Queen's Vein

We're stirring up something fun + festive with our blogger friend, Queen's Vein, for New Year's Eve!

When we were brainstorming ideas for collabs for a New Year's Eve posts my mind immediately went to Alexa Bishop of the DIY + design blog, Queen's Vein. She has awesome style and her DIYs are SO. GOOD. If you need a little (a lot of) sparkle in your life look no further than her blog. When she came back with this sparkler cocktail stirrer idea I knew that she was gonna kill it. I wasn't wrong. Okay, I'm going to stop ranting for a second to let Alexa take over and walk you through the DIY!

Tinsel Cocktail Stirrer-4.jpg
Tinsel Cocktail Stirrer-6.jpg

I’m excited to be guest posting on the Handzy Blog! The past few years on New Year's Eve, I’ve pulled out sparklers at midnight to ring in the new year.  Instead, this year I’m making sparklers that can last the whole night with this fun DIY. The best part is it’s so easy and quick you can whip them up on the 31st!

Tinsel Cocktail Stirrer-1.jpg


  • Foil straws
  • Tinsel garland
  • Hot glue gun + glue
Tinsel Cocktail Stirrer-3.jpg
Tinsel Cocktail Stirrer-2.jpg


  1. Cut 3-4” long pieces of tinsel garland.
  2. Hot glue one end of the garland to the end of the straw.
  3. Wrap the garland around the straw and hot glue the other end down.
Tinsel Cocktail Stirrer-7.jpg

Champagne is the drink choice for NYE so we want to mix it up with a champagne based cocktail. The French 75 is festive and light that you will keep it flowing all night! The Handzy team created a fun printable recipe to share at your soirée. Keep out that Christmas garland and add extra sparkle to your New Year's Eve cocktails!

All photo credit Alexa Bishop

All photo credit Alexa Bishop


So fun! What are some of your favorite NYE traditions?

Download our cute cocktail recipe card here. This could be a good hostess gift idea too! Just print out the recipe and attach to a bottle.

Remember to #handzymakes if you make any of the DIYs you see on the blog!